Top 10 Best Butane Fuel For Lighters


Whether it’s lighting a cigar, a torch, having an outdoor cookout, or any other purpose where you’ll need a lighter, butane is a great fuel source that will no longer require you to purchase disposable lighters.

If you want to save money in the long run and also enjoy a cleaner-burning fuel, having a stock of ready-to-use butane fuel at home (or at the campsite) is always a convenience.

For those who want to look for the best butane fuels for their lighter, you’re in luck! In this article, we round up some of the best formulas out there to power up your favorite lighter.

How to choose the Best Butane Fuel for Lighters

So, how do you choose the best butane fuel for your lighter? Here’s how to make your decision:

1. Ensure it has a clean formula. When we say “clean formula”, we mean butane fuel that’s low on impurities so that it will not clog your lighter jet. This will produce a clean burn, especially if you intend to use it for a cigar lighter.

Typically, you will find butane fuels in the market that has been refined 5 times, which is already a good number. This means that your fuel will burn cleanly without damaging your lighter in the long run.

2. Consider nozzle adapters. A nozzle adapter will help you to make the butane fuel usable for every brand of lighter that you have. Most butane fuels in the market have about 5 different nozzles that you can connect to your lighter of choice.

If you are using the butane fuel for more than just a cigar lighter, such as for torch and cooking lighters, having different nozzle adapters is a must. Usually, the manufacturer includes these nozzle adapters under the cap of the butane fuel can.

3. Make sure it’s suitable for your lighter. Read the manufacturer’s description – is it okay to be used for other brands? Typically, most butane fuels for lighters are universal but always check if it will not work on certain lighter types or brands.

4. Consider usability. Make sure that the butane fuel is easy to set up for a hassle-free lighting experience – especially outdoors.

Best Butane Fuel for Lighters

Here’s our list of the 10 best butane fuel for lighters:

Lotus Premium Butane

As triple-refined pure formula that was made in England at 99.9%, the Lotus Premium Butane is a usable formula for all types of butane lighters and lighters. With no contaminant or residue, this is for you if you’re looking for a clean and pure butane gas source for your lighter.

What we like is that the company is very transparent – they will send you independent laboratory MSDS sheets to guarantee you of its pureness. The butane is made through a 6-stage step-by-step Total Purity Process that makes this butane gas clean and of high quality.

For those who have torch lighters, this is a great butane fuel that will light it up easily without difficulty in refilling. Due to its well-sealed design, it won’t have any odd smells.

Xikar PUROFINE High-Performance Premium Lighter

Made with almost no impurities, a great way to prolong your lighter’s lifespan is by using the 8-ounce Xikar PUROFINE High-Performance Premium Butane Lighter Fuel. The butane is so high-grade that it was designed for jet flame lighters with its high-altitude formula.

This type of formula makes it suitable for mountain climbing, camping, and trekking in high and cold places with unfavorable weather conditions or less oxygen. If your lighter usually has a problem of not producing a flame that’s high enough, this butane will help boost its potential.

Because of the purity of the formula, it will also unclog the gas line of your lighter, making it produce flames like it is brand new.

Zippo Butane Fuel

From a well-known lighter brand, the Zippo Butane Fuel is a 75-ml or 1.48-ounce butane fuel can that’s suitable for candle lighters, as well as for lighting a torch, flex necks, and for other utility purposes. Since it is from a well-trusted brand, this butane is triple-filtered for maintaining a clean and pure fuel.

Contrary to what you may think, it will work not just for Zippo lighters, but for all butane lights, making it universal. It can also be used for a culinary torch.

What we like is the nozzle seat fitting correctly for refueling your torch, making it hassle-free with setup. Likewise, it also works with a lighter for a torch so long as it uses a standard connection for butane.

Jo Chef Butane Fuel Refill

For those who want a decently burning cooking torch, the Jo Chef Butane Fuel Refill will be a great outdoor kitchen buddy. This lighter fluid contains 5.07 ounces of butane and it will also work with torch lighters, candle lighters, flex necks, and reusable lighters.

Setup is convenient as it comes with a nozzle adapter that’s easy to attach to your butane gas torch. Made with ultra-refined butane, it has near-zero impurity for your peace of mind. We like how you have a choice of different valve caps or heads depending on the torch that you will work with.

Another plus point is the long nozzle, which will fit into most items that need butane fuel, making it flexible for use around the house (or outdoors).

Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Gas Fuel Refill

As a 12-can package, the Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Gas Fuel Refill has a jet-cleaning formula that unclogs your lighter for a cleaner burning experience. It has been refined 5 times for maintaining a pure fuel source with nearly no impurities.

Because each can has 10.6 ounces or 320 ml of butane, it will be a great bulk buy for a multitude of uses indoors and outdoors and will last a long time. It has a metal tip for durability and setup convenience.

What’s more, it has different nozzle adapters to fit various uses for the butane. The adapters are also built-in so you can readily use them whenever there’s a need for such.

Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel

Made to match the content of 40 disposable lighters, the Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel comes in a 2.75-ounce canister that’s suitable for all kinds of butane lighters, such as utility, torch, and candle lighters, as well as flexible necks and the company’s very own tech torch.

Since it uses a universal tip, it’s easy to adapt to any kind of butane lighter (and not just the manufacturer’s lighters). Due to its clean fuel, it won’t clog the burner valves. Another sign of its purity is the low presence of non-volatile contaminates for a good flame height.

Proudly made in the USA (in Bradford, PA), the company is also part of the Zippo brands, assuring you of quality when it comes to butane fuel and clean burning.

Xikar PUROFINE Premium Butane Fuel Refill

With 4 cans per pack, the Xikar PUROFINE Premium Butane Fuel Refill contains 8 ounces per can and will work with different kinds or brands of lighters out there. It uses Purofine Premium so you’ll get fewer impurities and a cleaner-burning fuel (less than 15 ppm).

This butane fuel is suitable for cigar and torch lighters – even triple torch lighters! If your lighters are quite stubborn, especially in unfavorable conditions, this butane fuel will strengthen them.

For the quality, each can of butane fuel lasts considerably longer for its price as compared to other cans out there. This will allow you to use the fuel for more purposes than you intended it for.

Zippo 12FC Lighter Fluid

A standard for those who own windproof lighters, the Zippo 12FC Lighter Fluid is a 12-ounce butane lighter fuel that burns clean and fast without emitting too much odor. It will also work with refillable hand warmers by the manufacturer.

Bottled in Bradford, PA, this lighter fuel also has a safety feature – a child-resistant spout. Due to its clean-burning fuel formula, it will help ignite your lighter fast. Smokers will find a difference in taste when you use this fuel for your Zippo lighter.

Since it is made with cosmetic-grade petroleum, it won’t irritate your skin too much if you accidentally come in contact with it, unlike regular butane fuel. This is a must-have if you often use a Zippo pocket lighter.

Xikar Premium Butane Fuel Refill

As a 2-pack lighter fuel, the Xikar Premium Butane Fuel Refill has less than 30 ppm impurities, making it clean-burning to prevent misfire or clogged jets for your lighter. It will also work in various other lighter brands, making it suitable for on-the-go butane fuel.

Each can contains 1.9 fluid ounces of PUROFINE premium butane. For a universal fit, it also comes with a variety of nozzle adapters that are inside the cap. This butane fuel is suitable even for Zippo cigar lighters.

Aside from Zippo lighters, it’s also compatible with most DuPont lighters due to its premium formula.  It’s also suitable for different brands of torch lighters due to the included adapters.

Vector Quintuple Refined

Containing 2 cans in one pack, the Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Gas Fuel Refill is 5 times refined to give you only a clean-burning fuel with nearly no impurities. This will help to maintain clog-free lighter jets for a high-burning flame.

As with the above-mentioned Vector butane pick, it also has 320 ml or 10.6 ounces per bottle. If you have a micro torch, this butane fuel is also used for it, especially if it worked with other brands such as Zippo or Ronson.

We like that it comes with 5 additional nozzle tips or adapters for you to use the butane fuel universally. It is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.


To wrap it up, although butane fuels for lighters are typically used by smokers, they can be used for other purposes, such as for camping and other utilities. We hope you found our top 10 list of butane fuels useful!



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