Best Gloves for Package Handling

Best Gloves for Package Handling

Our delivery riders nowadays are among the busiest workers due to the surge of online orders and take-out deliveries. If you ever work as one, you’ll need the best gloves for package handling, which will keep your hands comfortable throughout the day.

Not only will a proper set of gloves maintain flexibility at work but it will also help in protecting your fingers and hands from bad weather, abrasions, contacting unwanted diseases, and the like. With that in mind, we wrote this article to help you choose the right pair for your needs.

How to choose the best gloves for package handling

So, how exactly do you choose package-handling-friendly work gloves? Here’s our list of factors to help you decide:


One of the most important factors in choosing a pair of work gloves for package handling is its comfort level. Most comfy gloves have cotton and nylon on their material to keep your fingers flexible while also maintaining coziness, especially with unfavorable weather. Some gloves have Terry cloth on the thumb area helps with sweat-wicking properties.


A durable pair of working gloves is a must if you’re handling packages left and right (and if you’re also driving a delivery truck or riding a motorcycle). Consider a pair that’s made with nitrile rubber, which is highly resistant to the elements, as well as oils and abrasion.


Look for a pair of gloves that work well with a phone if you’re also regularly using an app to check your deliveries, track them, or handle logistics work. Having to remove gloves just to use your phone is a tedious task. That is why using gloves with a breathable yet durable build is a good choice.

Resistant to the elements

Consider a pair of gloves that are durable against various weather disturbances. Look for a pair that will be comfortable for your fingers come rain or shine.


Finger dexterity shouldn’t be sacrificed when it comes to gloves for package handling. This is so that you’ll handle your parcel better with less chance of accidentally dropping it, especially if it’s fragile.

Best Gloves for Package Handling

Here are our top picks for the best gloves for package handling:

Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves

When it comes to a comfortable fit during your logistics work, the Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves is a great pair for control and grip due to its silicon-fused palm. It also has a Terry cloth at the back of the thumb area to manage your sweaty hands on a hot day. What’s more, using the adjustable hook and loop closure helps easily put the gloves on, which saves time and effort.

To keep your knuckles protected from getting hurt around the warehouse (or wherever you go), there’s a neoprene knuckle construction as well. The hybrid cuff system also simplifies putting on the gloves when in a hurry (while securing the fit).

G & F Products Latex Work Gloves

If your work requires double-coated latex to handle packages, the G & F Products Latex Work Gloves are for you. Made with a blend of heavy-duty cotton and blue latex, it combines comfort and good grip at the same time so you’ll feel at ease when moving parcels.

Since they are made with a double-dipped latex coating, expect them to be durable against most wear and tear. Since this glove package comes with 12 pairs, you don’t need to keep buying new ones if they accidentally got worn off (or you can give them to your employees and/or co-workers as a holiday gift). It is also EN388 standard Certified so it’s workplace-ready.

DEX FIT FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves

For those who prefer a lightweight pair, the DEX FIT FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves will work well for you due to their thin construction without compromising on durability. It is made with water-based rubber coating (foam nitrile) so even if you use your mobile phone for making delivery and inventory checks, you don’t need to take the gloves off.

Made with 15-gauge nylon and spandex, the ergonomic work gloves present an ergonomic fit that conforms to CE and ANSI standards. With many colors to choose from, it has a non-slip power grip construction to help handle any package comfortably and securely. The material also dries quickly under hot and humid weather.

DS Safety NP1001 Work Gloves

Made with a durable foam coating, the DS Safety NP1001 Work Gloves are made with microfoam technology which helps keep your hands cool and comfortable. As CE-approved and ANSI Standard-approved safety gloves, they are made with water-based PU palm coating to help keep your palm cool in hot weather while maintaining grip due to its non-slip material.

Due to its thin design, it can be worn even when you are using your smartphone. They can also be easily laundered without shrinking or fading due to the durable material. Likewise, they also have nylon knitting to help keep dust and the elements away from your hands – great for outdoors when handling packages.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125S Work Gloves

Made with waterproof synthetic leather, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 125S Work Gloves are ideal for tough outdoor jobs. If you are a delivery rider, these are suitable for bad weather when you need to drop off a parcel while also keeping a good grip on your motorcycle. Additional padding on the palm (Syntrex microfiber) will also keep your hands protected from the elements.

Resistant from hardening and shrinking when being laundered, the gloves also feature 3 touch screen fingertips, which help you to control your phone while checking message orders. Due to the Lycra side panels and spandex, the gloves are flexible and easy to work with during your shift.

Maxiflex 34-874 Work Gloves

Made with a nitrile grip, the Maxiflex 34-874 Work Gloves are lightweight yet durable so they’re suitable for all-day work when handling packages. There is a knit wrist to keep your hands protected from dust and other debris. The light oils present in the nitrile coating help keep your hands smooth and comfortable while wearing the gloves.

As a form-fitting pair, the gloves are made with a micro-foam coating so they’re suitable even for hot weather. The gloves are available in various sizes for you to choose from. If you are a cargo or delivery rider/driver, these gloves work well because of the just-right thickness and hand dexterity you get from them.

G & F 6 Pairs Men’s Working Gloves

If you’re looking for a large bundle for your entire delivery crew or fleet, you’d like the G & F 6 Pairs Men’s Working Gloves. Made with a microfoam nitrile-dipped coating, it has good flexibility without feeling too heavy and uncomfortable – ideal for summer work.

Furthermore, the working gloves are reusable and washable – suitable for long-term use (just don’t put them in the dryer!). Since it has good finger dexterity, it’s suitable for those who ride a motorcycle to handle parcels or deliveries and don’t like gloves that are too thick to handle a pen, pencil, or mobile phone. The construction forms no folding or buckling when you wear them.

ACKTRA Ultra-Thin PU Safety Work Gloves

If you often handle packages and don’t like the feeling of being restrained, the ACKTRA Ultra-Thin PU Safety Work Gloves are for you. The PU coating allows an easier grip on your packages so you won’t risk dropping them, especially if they are fragile. The many color choices allow you to match it to your preferences or as required by your delivery/courier company.

Since the PU coating is resistant to water and dust, they make great outdoor delivery gloves for different kinds of weather conditions. It is also static-resistant and has a second-skin design, which is suitable for people who don’t like wearing gloves at all (but are required to, for safety).

DEX FIT Cru553 Gloves

For those who want a puncture-resistant pair, the DEX FIT Cru553 Gloves are for you. Made with durable foam nitrile, it offers good protection against abrasions, which is great if you’re sealing packages other than handling them (e.g. using cutters). The thin yet durable construction allows finger dexterity (it has an HPPE and spandex construction).

Meeting ANSI, CE, and EN 388 4544 standards, it is silicone-free for those with skin allergies. Since it has a unisex design, it can be given to anyone as a gift. It’s also suitable for touch screens so you can use it with a smartphone or any similar device. The Power Grip technology helps even in wet conditions.

Superior SNTAPVC Winter Work Gloves

Are you delivering parcels during winter? Why not try the Superior SNTAPVC Winter Work Gloves? This fleece-lined pair has 15-gauge nylon that’s suitable for very cold temperatures. It also has a palm coating that keeps your hands cozy. With many sizes available, the gloves also dry quickly due to the material, leaving your fingers comfortable all day.

What’s more, the pair is also ANSI-certified in terms of durability (level 2 for puncture and level 3 in abrasion resistance), making them great work gloves for regular parcel handling. The small air bubbles within the special palm coating help to maintain your hand dexterity and flexibility even when the temperature outdoors is freezing.


As a whole, gloves for package handling should be comfortable, flexible, easy to put on, durable, and most of all, they should fit well to your hand size, so make sure to choose your preferred size carefully! We hope this article helped you in choosing the best gloves for package handling!



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