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Do you ever work at night or in low-light conditions? Accidents are always bound to happen if you’re not careful and if you don’t know what’s going on around your surroundings. To keep you safe in the jobsite, you will need a hard hat light that attaches to your headgear so you don’t need to wave a flashlight around just to know what object you might accidentally bump into.

The main benefit of having a hard hat light on the jobsite is that you’ll easily find objects and inspect the location even when your hands are currently full. That’s why we wrote this article – to help you choose the right hard hat light that’s suited for your needs.

How to choose the Best Hard Hat Lights?

So, with the many choices in the market today, which hard hat light should you pick? Here’s a criteria list that we came up with, just for you:

1. Lightweight yet durable

No one wants a bulky hard hat light over their head all the time, right? Check the overall weight of the headlamp you want and make sure it’s not too heavy. With that said, it shouldn’t compromise on durability, either! Consider IPX-rated hard hat lights that are suitable for unfavorable weather conditions and sudden drops.

2. Easy to put on

Look for a hard hat light that is a breeze to put on. Most of our picks below have convenient no-clamp and no-tie systems that are suitable for easy on and off. This saves you valuable time that you could be spending working and getting your tasks done on the jobsite. Some hard hat lights even have automatic on/off features when you put them on.

3. Comfortable and adjustable

A good hard hat light should be easy to adjust over your head and shouldn’t be too awkward. The weight balance should be just fine and it should fit most hard hat sizes.

4. Wide-angle and reach

We suggest going for a hard hat light with a wide-angle so that you’ll reach even the most difficult position when you’re on the jobsite.

5. Long battery life

Check the battery life of your hard hat light. Usually, it depends on the type of battery and the light you use. Some hard hat lights even have an automatic shut-off feature to conserve battery life.

6. Adjustable light settings

Most hard hat lights we mentioned below have high and low settings, as well as a special strobe feature for emergencies. These should be easily adjustable as needed to make your night shift comfortable.

7. Usability

Look for hard hat lights that have convenient switches. For example, some headlamps can turn themselves on just by wearing, which is good for saving time.

Best Hard Hat Lights

Here are our top picks for the best hard hat lights:

SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp

With 1,000 lumens, the SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp uses CREE LED for its light and will beam up to 600 feet, which is perfect for working in dark or low-light situations. Since it’s only 4.19 ounces (including the battery), it won’t make your head feel fatigued for all-day (and all-night) work. It is also rated IPX8 waterproof.

Aside from that, this hard hat light has a 2,200-mAh battery that will last up to 8 hours on low mode (and up to 3 1/2 hours when used in high-power mode), while only requiring a charge of 2 hours. The lamp has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, making it suitable for heavy-duty work.

Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat

If you need a combination of a hard hat and a light in one go, the Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat is for you. This PPE has an odor-resistant sweatband, which is ideal for warm weather and all-day work to keep you dry and comfortable. The hat weighs 1.3 pounds and is a Class C Type 1 hard hat.

Adding to its breathability are some adjustable vents. There are also slots for hearing protection equipment and other jobsite necessities on your face. The headlight (KHH56220), which is removable, only requires 3 AAA batteries to run. The lamp is securely attached without the need for a zip tie or strap for convenience.

DEWALT DWHT81424 Headlamp

For all your jobsite needs, the DEWALT DWHT81424 Headlamp is a great choice due to being IP54-rated for the elements plus drop resistance up to 6.6 feet. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty (and usually dangerous) construction site work. With 200 lumens, the lamp only requires 3 AAA batteries (included).

What we like about this headlight is the motion sensor, which automatically turns the light on and off, saving time and effort when you put it on, so you can focus on productivity. To keep the light secure, it has a non-slip strap to secure your hard hat –it doesn’t require clamps or ties to secure the light in place.

Klein Tools 56034 LED Head Lamp

If you need a battery-saving hard hat light, the Klein Tools 56034 LED Head Lamp has an automatic shut-off feature after 3 minutes using its sensor. With up to 22 hours on its flood/low light and up to 12 hours on its spot/high light, this headlamp is suitable for long hours of work on the jobsite.

For those with Klein Hard Hats, this is a perfect fit due to the tailored design of the bracket that can attach to the hat. We like that the headlamp also has a pivoting design up to 64 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle depending on your needs. The light is also USB-rechargeable.

COSOOS Bright LED Headlamp

Yet another rechargeable hard hat light is the COSOOS Bright LED Headlamp, which has a 1,200-mAh battery that will last up to 3 hours depending on the usage. It requires 45 minutes of charging time and weighs 3.8 ounces so it’s good for all-day work or activities. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap that fits most hard hats.

With a bright 500-lumen lamp, this is suitable not just for jobsite use but also for camping, hiking, and other outdoor needs. It has a 210-degree angle of illumination, making your surroundings more visible, especially in bad weather. It has 3 light modes: high, low, and strobe (which is suitable for emergencies).

Streamlight 61702 Bandit Headlamp

With a weather-resistant design, the Streamlight 61702 Bandit Headlamp is rechargeable via USB and has 180 lumens, making it ideal for backyard and afternoon low-light conditions. It also has a clip that can be used on the tip of your hat for added visibility.

The hard hat light will run up to 2 hours (high mode) and up to 9.5 hours (low mode). Weighing 1.3 ounces, it won’t be too bulky on your head when worn for long hours. The hard hat light is IPX4-rated to keep it safe against the elements. It has a 450-mAh lithium polymer battery that requires 2.5 hours of charging – a rubber cover is included for protection.

Life Mounts LED Helmet Mounted Light

For those who want a hassle-free experience, the Life Mounts LED Helmet Mounted Light requires no tools to attach it to your hard hat. It has a 360-degree rotation, making it ideal for lighting up anything around the jobsite or area. The push-button switch is easy to press even when wearing your work gloves plus it uses a CREE LED lamp that will light up the way to 1,000 feet of distance.

Made with a construction that’s resistant to the elements and dropping, the whole setup weighs 4 ounces with a battery due to the combination of silicone rubber and aluminum, making it lightweight even with a battery for all-day work.

Cobiz Brightest Work Headlight

A unique hard hat light we found is the Cobiz Brightest Work Headlight, which can be zoomed in and out, adding convenience to your jobsite experience. It is IPX4 waterproof-rated and has two (2) 2,200-mAh batteries so you get a ton of power in one go.

There are four modes for you to choose from: high beam, strobe, low beam, and all bright (suitable for very dark situations). The ability to zoom in and out, as well as make the light go into a long-range mode, is great for working at night without having to direct a handheld flashlight to a specific location. It has a tilting design up to 90 degrees.

Streamlight 61601 Rechargeable Headlamp

We like the Streamlight 61601 Rechargeable Headlamp for its “dual fuel” design, which means you can either use AAA batteries or recharge it with any USB cable. Choose between the two modes – spot and flood – depending on your needs, and you can tilt it up to 60 degrees.

It uses a face cap mechanism in place of buttons when it comes to operating the unit, saving time and effort. The light will last up to 3.5 hours on high and up to 10 hours on low (it still varies depending on the battery you use). The whole setup weighs 3.7 ounces with the battery so it’s not too bulky on your head.


Hard hat lights are not just convenient but they’re a requirement if you often work at night or in low-light conditions for safety. With the picks we mentioned above, we hope that you found a great choice for the best hard hat lights that you can use for your next jobsite shift.



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