Best Permanent Match For Camping And Emergencies

Permanent Match For Camping And Emergencies

A permanent match is much like a lighter in concept but the idea is that it starts a fire without having to throw away a single stick. Compared to regular matches, a permanent match has many advantages. For instance, it will light up even when the storm is bad, when the weather is cold, or when the rain is pouring badly.

What’s more, since they work like lighters, they will be very effective for the winter when the temperatures are unforgiving and you can’t easily start a fire. Whether it’s a rod-type or a wick-type, a permanent match is a great EDC or everyday-carry tool that will help you out on any camping, hiking, or survival trip.

Many of these permanent matches even have multipurpose extras, such as a bottle opener for when you need a good bottle of beer. Aside from having a key ring to attach to your backpack or belt, most of them even have survival tools, such as a compass, a flashlight, and more. They will help you carry all the important items you need for survival without having to carry a bulky bag of tools.

Having an EDC such as a permanent match will help you in troubling situations when the temperatures are freezing and you need to camp in for the night. It’s also a great tool for casual use such as during barbecues and outdoor parties for lighting up a grill or campfire.

If you’re looking for the best permanent match for your next camping trip or as an EDC, we’ve got some suggestions below.

Our Product Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best permanent match to help you out on a survival or camping trip:

Jasni Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick

Jasni Keychain Multitool

For the great outdoors, the Jasni Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick is a suitable survival tool that you can use to start a fire. Its permanent match is a flint starter that will work with up to 10,000 strikes. The striker is made with a magnesium core that makes it easy to light a fire even in cold terrain.

Aside from the permanent match to start a fire, it also comes with a bottle opener, a small flashlight, and some car key rings. Do note that due to shipping constraints, you have to fill up the lighter bottle with either kerosene or gasoline by yourself.

This EDC is available in two finishes: black nickel and gold. It is also packaged neatly in a gift-ready box – perfect for your outdoor-loving friends and/or family.

XIFEI Fire Starter Flint Match Lighter

XIFEI Fire Starter

Camping outdoors just got more stylish with the unique design of the XIFEI Fire Starter Flint Match Lighter, which looks like a military bomb. If you’re looking for a permanent match for the wilderness that looks like a great gift as well, this is a great choice for you.

Great for hiking and camping, this keychain lighter will light up in both warm and cold weather. As with the previous pick, you need to provide the lighter fuel by yourself. The steel construction makes it durable against wear and tear.

It comes with instructions so if you are new to refillable lighters and permanent matches, you’ll find this bomb-shaped fire starter convenient to use. The permanent match does come with a wick when it arrives on your doorstep but there’s also an extra wick at the tip.

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass

Swiss Safe Fire Starter

If you’d like a winter companion, why not try the Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass? This bad boy will strike a fire up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great choice for cold weather in the north (or a rainy day). The magnesium rods will work up to 16,000 strikes.

Since it is a multi-tool, it also comes with other features, such as a handy compass, an 8-core paracord (rated for 450 pounds), and an emergency whistle. The striking pad doubles as a scraper for when you need it in the wilderness, making it an all-around tool in the campsite.

The included paracord will help to keep the tool with you at all times by wearing it around your neck or tying it to your bag. It is also compact in design so it won’t be too bulky in your winter pocket.

YUSUD Permanent Match

YUSUD Permanent Match

With a multipurpose design, the YUSUD Permanent Match is a great EDC if you’d like something budget-friendly. It comes with more than just a permanent match – it also has a bottle opener, as well as a key chain and clip for easily attaching to your backpack or luggage.

As for the capability of the permanent match, it will light up to 10 thousand strikes, making it suitable for rugged use. What’s more, the packaging is decent enough to give as a gift to someone.

This EDC will take most standard lighter fuels as you have to fill it up before using it due to shipping restrictions. It also comes with an o-ring seal to keep leakage at bay during travels. Quality magnesium core makes the fire starter easily light up even in cold terrain.

SURVIVE Metal Permanent Match

SURVIVE Permanent Match Metal

Yet another stylish-looking EDC is the SURVIVE Metal Permanent Match, which comes in a 2-pack so you can share one with your friend or camping buddy (or as a gift for someone). The intricate design and portable size make it suitable for all-weather hiking, camping, and other purposes.

This permanent match only weighs 1.3 ounces so it’s not too heavy to carry around. It also comes with instructions for beginners, as well as spare wicks so you don’t need to go to the store to buy them.

This stainless steel permanent match has a lifespan of up to 15,000 strikes with its magnesium steel rod. Light petroleum distillate (such as Ronson or Ronsonol) will work on this fire starter as a lighter fluid. Since it comes with a key chain, it is easy to attach to your bag or other gear for your next adventure.

Morisk Permanent Match Keychain

Morisk Permanent Match Keychain

Yet another perfect-for-sharing batch is the Morisk 2-Pack Permanent Match Keychain, which will last up to 10,000 strikes with its magnesium core. This EDC has a simple yet effective design with a bottle opener for having a beer at the campsite.

As with most permanent matches, you have to provide the lighter fluid as it isn’t included due to shipping restrictions. To keep the lighter fluid intact, it comes with a rubber o-ring seal. Do note that you have to turn the flame off to avoid burning the wick while it is lit.

This metal permanent fire starter will hold up to 2 mL of lighter fluid. The key chain design makes it easy to attach to any backpack or belt using a lanyard.

EXOTAC – nanoSTRIKER XL Self-Contained Ferrocerium Firestarter

Ideal for camping and grilling outdoors, the EXOTAC – nanoSTRIKER XL Self-Contained Ferrocerium Firestarter is a great choice for a permanent match that won’t take a lot of space. Made with a 6061 anodized aluminum body for durability, each rod will take up to 3,000 strikes.

What’s more, the rods and the tungsten carbide can be replaced for convenient maintenance without having to throw away the tool. Replacing the 1/4-inch rod is convenient by unscrewing it from the body. Unlike most other permanent matches, the rods have different colors to choose from (black, orange, and olive green).

Even though it’s a simple fire starter rod, it comes with extra space for tinder, as well as water purification tablets, if you need them.

SOMGEM Permanent Match Keychain

Able to take up to 10,000 strikes, the SOMGEM Permanent Match Keychain is a flint fire starter ideal for camping and the great outdoors. With its simple keychain design, the lighter body is made with nickel alloy and stainless steel, making it lightweight yet durable.

To use this permanent match, all you need is to fill it up with about 2/3 or lighter fluid or kerosene. To keep it travel-friendly and safe, it comes with a waterproof uni-body construction design to avoid leaks. Unlike other permanent matches with a separate striker, this one has the flint area on the side.

Measuring roughly 3 inches tall, it fits inside most pockets and isn’t bulky to carry around. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Fancyspark Permanent Metal Match

A lightweight yet durable tool, the Fancyspark Permanent Metal Match is a great EDC for camping and even with home emergencies. It will withstand up to 15,000 strikes with its magnesium core, which is suitable even in cold weather or rainy environments.

All you need to add is lighter fuel, such as kerosene, once it arrives on your doorstep. This keychain permanent match measures about 3 inches and it comes with a convenient key ring for attachment to your backpack or belt.

The wick is also replaceable using a pair of pliers. If you have standard lighter fuel, such as Zippo fluids, it will work for this permanent match. As with most of the permanent matches mentioned above, the flint is on the side.


To wrap it up, permanent matches are great lifesavers in the wilderness while camping or hiking while also a must-have in your emergency preparedness kit at home. If you want an alternative to disposable matchsticks, why not try one of these permanent matches? They will help you out – especially when the winds, rain, and snow easily blow your flame away.



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